SAMARITAN PAD 350P Semi-automatic defibrillator - EMD112
The Stryker® samaritan® PAD 350P semi-automatic defibrillator is a clinically advanced device designed to be used by non-professional personnel.
In case of sudden cardiac arrest it allows anyone to save a life. Thanks to the vocal and visual commands articulated and expressed in a calm tone which are repeated until they are carried out by the rescuer, it can also be used by unqualified rescuers in total safety.
Compact, self-contained unit with no covers to open, screens or difficult controls. Its simple two-button operation and verbal/visual prompts with clear instructions guide you through every step, including applying adhesive pads, delivering shocks and CPR. Only two buttons are used, ON/OFF and SHOCK. The samaritan® PAD 350P has been tested according to the highest technological and safety standards and has the CE mark and American FDA approval.
SAMARITAN PAD 360P Automatic Defibrillator - EMD112
The Stryker® samaritan® PAD 360P semi-automatic defibrillator is the automatic version of the 350P model. It is an automatic external defibrillator (AED) that only needs to be connected to the patient and turned on.
One button operation. Its operation is the simplest of all, equipped only with the power button, the SAM 360P frees the operator from the task of pressing a Shock button when requested. The actual act of delivering a shock can be extremely stressful for inexperienced users who fear injuring the patient or themselves. With a fully automatic system, the patient receives the shock he desperately needs without any delay and the user does not have to take responsibility for delivering it.
Motion detection algorithm. If the algorithm detects motion or other significant interference, the SAM 360P will issue a voice alert of “Motion detected; do not touch the patient." This is intended to reduce the possibility of the user touching the patient before administering the shock. The samaritan® PAD 360P has been tested according to the highest technological and safety standards and has the CE mark and American FDA approval.
SAMARITAN PAD 500P Semi-automatic defibrillator - EMD112
The samaritan® PAD 500P defibrillator is the first and only defibrillator in the world that guides you in the correct performance of CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation).
In fact, defibrillating immediately is important, but it may not be sufficient if cardiac massage is not performed correctly.
The samaritan® PAD 500P defibrillator is the only device in the world* capable of evaluating in real time the effectiveness of cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers performed on the patient, indicating to the rescuer how to correct their rescue maneuvers if necessary.
Therefore, rescuing with the HeartSine® samaritan® PAD 500P defibrillator means being able to offer the patient the best possible treatment while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.