Laser 6x25 600mt - CANICOM
Telemetro laser preciso e veloce, semplice da utilizzare, utile per migliorare le vostre prestazioni a caccia.
Optometric Laser Rangefinder DRF-600 - DORR
Laser rangefinder with optoelectronic technology with measuring range from 5 to 600 meters.Practical and handy rangefinder, usable for hunting, nature observation and orientation.Equipped with 905nm laser and special ">150" technology capable of excluding branches and other objects from the measurement field that would disturb the measurement of distant elements and other filters to reduce disturbances in case of decreased visibility.Allows fast and accurate measurement times (0.3 seconds for acquisition count error of +/-1 meter)Equipped with a non-slip rubber protective coating.
Telemeter Rangemaster CRF 2800 - LEICA
The Leica Rangemaster CRF 2800 is lightweight and compact and guarantees with 7x magnification optimum brightness and clarity and a broad field of view. Connection to Blue Tooth.