Hunting sharpening accessories

Knife block and tongs holder for cup holders - CUDA
Ingenious system to have all the cutting tools in a safe place when boat fishingScrews into standard size cup holdersAccommodates blades up to 17cmInterior in silicone materialMesh cover for additional security
Bag 18098 for knife set - CUDA
Carrying bag for knives in resistant nylonAccommodates up to 9 knivesFits around standard 40 liter fishing bucketsZip in material resistant to rust and corrosionInternal pocket for accessoriesClip closure to ensure safe transport
Sharpener for Knives and Scissors - CAMILLUS
DETAILSCan be used for knives and scissorsSuperior carbide sharpeners allow you to sharpen bladesThe side ceramic sharpeners allow you to sharpen the two blades of the scissors
Sharpener 18097 for knives and fishing hooks - CUDA
Sharpener for knives and fishing hooks. Easily sharpens knives, shears, fish hooks (non-serrated)Knife sharpener at 20°, 30° and 45°T6, T8, T9 and T10 star screwdriverSharpen hookCeramic sharpenerCarbon sharpener
8" DuoSharp® Hardcoat™ Diamond Sharpening Stone -DMT
8" sharpening stone with different grain on the two surfaces with Hardcoat™ treatment to increase the hardness of the sharpening surface and make the stone perfect for sharpening ceramic knives or other blades in particularly hard materials. Excellent quality
Pro Aligner ™ Sharpening Kit with guide and diamond stones - DMT
DMT sharpening kit to obtain professional results thanks to the Aligner ™ system and diamond stones of different grits. Supplied in a solid case containing 3 stones of different grits, Aligner ™ guide and sharpenings for serrated blades. Excellent quality
Diafold® Portable Dual Grit Sharpening Stone - DMT
Sharpening stone with double sided Diafold® diamond surface.The convenience of two diamond stones of different grits in a single tool for quick and complete sharpeningCan be used on any blade or knife