8" DuoSharp® Hardcoat™ Diamond Sharpening Stone -DMT
8" sharpening stone with different grain on the two surfaces with Hardcoat™ treatment to increase the hardness of the sharpening surface and make the stone perfect for sharpening ceramic knives or other blades in particularly hard materials. Excellent quality
Pro Aligner ™ Sharpening Kit with guide and diamond stones - DMT
DMT sharpening kit to obtain professional results thanks to the Aligner ™ system and diamond stones of different grits. Supplied in a solid case containing 3 stones of different grits, Aligner ™ guide and sharpenings for serrated blades. Excellent quality
Diafold® Portable Dual Grit Sharpening Stone - DMT
Sharpening stone with double sided Diafold® diamond surface.The convenience of two diamond stones of different grits in a single tool for quick and complete sharpeningCan be used on any blade or knife
Kit of 3 mini credit card size diamond stones - DMT
The ability to always have a sharpening kit with you, even in your wallet.Each stone is housed in a colored vinyl case for quick identification of the stone's grain.The "credit card" measures make them comfortable to carry but still of suitable dimensions for each blade