Competition Electronics

ProChrono Pal chronograph - COMPETITION ELECTRONICS
The ProChrono Pal accurately measures the speed of almost anythingshoots, at an economical price with the advantage of its ease of use. Requires a 9 volt battery for operation. Everything is includedfor external use.
Compared to the previous Digital model, the Competition Electronics hasincreased the specific performance of this chronograph while always maintaining the same quality and precision. This chronograph, likedeclared by the manufacturer, it was designed to measure practicallyanything that shoots: firearms, shotguns, airguns, archery, and paintball.
Prochrono Dlx Bluetooth Chronograph - COMPETITION ELECTRONICS
The ProChrono DLX ballistic chronograph has accuracy specificationsand accuracy, and built-in Bluetooth.The new generation of the ProChrono based on a proven designwhich continues to provide precise measurements since 1985! Great for firearmsfire, shotguns, archery, air rifles, and paintball.It's all included for outdoor use.