Shooting rangefinders

Promax laser rangefinder - NUM'AXES
Instant distance acquisitionDistance confirmation with vibration signalDistance:- To a tree: up to 550m- To a reflective surface: up to 820m
TEL1050 laser rangefinder - NUM'AXES
Detects: a flag: up to 250m / 820ft, a building: up to 900m / 2953ft8 measurement modes: range, scan (with vibrationsignal), pinseeking, distance correction, fog ,horizontal distance, vertical height, speed.
Midas 1200Y rangefinder - ATHLON
This rangefinder is capable of measuring distances with pinpoint accuracy on both steep and flat terrain. The fully multi-coated lens treatment reduces glare and allows images to be viewed at maximum brightness. The non-slip shell allows for a strong and secure grip. The particular scan mode allows you to acquire distance from both fixed and mobile objects.
RF-650 LiteWave Rangefinder - CARSON
The RF-650 LiteWave Rangefinder works in three different modes. Mode 1 measures straight line distance and elevation grade. Mode 2 measures straight-line (effective) distance, elevation degree, horizontal distance, and vertical distance. Mode 3 shows all functions of 2, however, in this mode the item continuously scans these distances as you move the crosshair and displays the different factors.
X-RAY 800 rangefinder - HALO
High definition rangefinder with 6 magnifications with operation up to 800 meters.Dimensions 10, 60 x 7, 62 x 4, 30 cm.
XRT6 rangefinder - HALO
High definition rangefinder with 6 magnifications with operation up to 412 meters.
Digital Rifle Scope - LAHOUX
The Lahoux DigiScope is a new digital riflescope that can be used day or night with maximum precision. This allows you to hunt with an optic attached to the rifle during the day but also at night. During the day the scope is full color with supreme image details and a very high zoom capability.
Horus – Standard Thermal Clip-on - LAHOUX
The Lahoux Horus is a thermal clip-on that successfully combines all the necessary requirements for a hunter interested in the latest innovations, as well as for the hunter who wants simple and intuitive operation. A precise focusing mechanism allows for detailed image reproduction.