GRS Rifle Stocks

High quality Hunter Light stock - GRS RIFLE STOCKS
The Hunter Light stock is 25% lighter than all other GRS laminate models. A grip reduced by 5% and the length of the stock make this series of stocks the shortest and thinnest. Push-button cheek rest adjustment and ergonomic handle are standard.
Extremely high quality Hybrid stock - GRS RIFLE STOCKS
The Hybrid is designed for long distance shooting. Push button adjustments for stock length, cheek rest and height adjustable butt plate option installed to make a perfect long distance shooting platform. The way this series transfers recoil is amazing and the results speak for themselves.
High quality Sporter stock - GRS RIFLE STOCKS
These stocks are a favorite among hunters and competition shooters alike. Truly an all-rounder, the best-selling laminate model of all time. Equipped with the SpeedLock adjustment system and the ergonomic GRS handle. If you shoot prone or standing, we recommend adding the height-adjustable buttpad option for greater shooting comfort.
High quality Bifrost stock - GRS RIFLE STOCKS
The Bifrost is a more adjustable and lightweight composite stock. Rugged and weatherproof with an ergonomic grip and forend giving you full control of your rifle in any conditions. This stock has a height and tilt adjustable butt plate as standard. Picatinny rail, QR sling mounts, bipod sling pin installed.
Ragnarok GRS stock of the highest quality - GRS RIFLE STOCKS
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Ragnarok – GRS's superior shooting platform. Take your Blaser R8 and R93 professional rifles to the next level. Fully adjustable to adapt your rifle to your characteristics. A folding mechanism with standard hinges for easy maintenance and transportation.
High quality Warg stock - GRS RIFLE STOCKS
Fully adjustable and ergonomic, the best features with a rigid frame stock handguard. You can use the GRS bipod, front night vision, IR illuminators and more, thanks to its adaptable M-Lok molded aluminum end.
High quality Fenris stock - GRS RIFLE STOCKS
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The Fenris is an absolute value stock, fully adjustable with a super durable body made from reinforced fibreglass. The invisible gray color blends with the black details and makes the football as aesthetic as it is functional when immersed in its surroundings.
Bag and Rider Kit - GRS RIFLE STOCKS
GRS Rider can be mounted on the Picatinny rail at the rear end of Bifrost, Warg and Ragnarok. Installing the Rider takes place in just a few minutes! The GRS Back Bag will help you shoot more accurately with bipods (works better than monopods). The surface of the bag is smooth to allow the stock to slide easily during recoil, offering maximum accuracy.