Grand CHEST Waders boot - DEMAR
Waterproof and very resistant bib wader. Triple welding, internal front pocket. Very wide and comfortable braces with quick and adjustable release device. Non-slip sole. NAILED version available.
Grander high boot - DEMAR
Knee-high boot in first choice Nautical PVC. Excellent grip on all surfaces thanks to the knobby sole. Comfortable, ergonomic and robust. Winter padding available as an option. Certified for professional use.
Grand Waders boot - DEMAR
Waterproof thigh waders. Triple welding. Double adjustable attachment system with elastic and carabiner. Excellent grip thanks to the knobby sole. Also available in NAILED version.
Grand S waterproof boot - DEMAR
3/4 boot with bellows in first choice Nautical PVC. Excellent grip on all terrains. Optional felt padding for winter use. Robust, waterproof, practical.
Superlight Predator XL boot - DEMAR
Superlight EVA boot. Removable thermal padding for use up to 30 degrees below zero. Excellent for use in cold rooms. Reinforced tip. Resistant to fats and oils.
Superlight New Universal Pro boot - DEMAR
The most innovative and technological Superlight EVA boot on the market. Thanks to the rubber sole the grip is maximum on all surfaces. The removable padding guarantees an ideal temperature even at 30 degrees below zero. High visibility safety band. The lightest and most imitated EVA boot with rubber sole in the world.