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The best Target Camouflage in the world for selection hunting and existing ball hunting (Excellent Quality)


€616.51 Tax excluded

€685.01 -10%

"Our workhorse Target is a tripod made from solid with first choice and precision materials
manic mechanics.

The Target has an implosion closure system that ensures easy transport in the bag provided.

Each contact point is protected by a specific rubber thickness to avoid making any noise that could alarm the prey.

The telescope of the central body allows to perfectly house any type of rifle.

The Target is equipped with our patented adjustable stock support, this ensures a firm grip even on asymmetrical sports stocks and allows you to accommodate any type of rifle.

It is sufficient to use the special key provided by acting on the two support clamps which will thus perfectly tighten the stock for total stability; the support in question is equipped with a rubber gasket that guarantees a perfect grip on the stock and preserves the woods.

The three legs of the Target are telescopic, the extensions are aimed at precision shooting from an upright posture and thanks to the large support surface they give total stability.

The Target is 360 ° rotating and pivoting by means of the two adjustable knobs placed in its heart; it is precisely these adjustments that allow you to lock the weapon in position or let the movement friction in order to follow the game during movement, always maintaining maximum fluidity on the two axes.

The telescopic adjustment of the arm that supports the weapon, in addition to allowing the housing of any type of rifle, ensures perfect balance; this allows the reduction of any vibration.

The Target is available in the Black model or in the Camouflage model; even though they are mechanically the same identical product, the two models are characterized by a very different price, this difference is given solely by the cost of the camouflage treatment.

The maniacally precise action of the two adjustment knobs allows smooth movements in height and drift adjustments, allowing you to lock the weapon without the slightest vibration; it is also possible for the hunter to let the tilting and rotation movements friction in order to follow the game, perhaps during one of its frequent movements in a steep field without ever losing sight of the target. DATA SHEET

• Locked down:
Dimensions: 89cm x 14cm 4
Weight: 2.2kg 4
Each leg: 74cm

• Open
Height at the shooting line from 72cm to 161cm (can go up another 15cm at the expense of optimal stability)
The support cradle reaches 60cm fully extended
Each leg fully extended 145cm

• Material
Aluminum worked on numerical control machines and then anodized
Galvanized steel
Pa6 (resin filled with 60% glass)
Rubber (in the contact points to avoid noise and in the rifle supports to avoid scratching the barrel and woods)

• Processing
COMPLETELY MADE FROM FULL except the support tires (printed).
CNC turning
CNC milling
Sandblasting of plastics
Anodizing of aluminum
Galvanizing of steel"

Art. OM-MV.0700.00/C